The Slippery Slope of Good Health

I couldn’t tell you what’s on TV these days…but when I was a teen we had the whole “This is your brain on drugs” movement. They used eggs, my favorite food in the whole wide world to depict “your brain on drugs.” Makes me drool just thinking about it.

It was also the time society constantly warned us about trying some seemingly mild “starter” drug like weed or alcohol…because it would surely lead to a slippery slope that would have us shooting up heroin or snorting coke before long.

Of course, my mother, being the good parent that she was, had her own discussion with me and my brother about drinking and drugs and slippery slopes.

She pulled us aside. I was 8, I think, and he was 10. We stood next to the gaudy mauve couch in our living room – which I now realize must have been second-hand because there’s no way my mother would ever own anything pink otherwise.

She warned us about drinking. We said, “We don’t drink!” Which was probably a good thing since we were 8 & 10. “But…” she added, “soon, your friends will start to drink. And then you’ll want to drink with them…”

And somehow, she kept going until we were homeless alcoholics.

I never picked up the habit of drinking, although I did try it on for size after I turned 21. I was done trying way before 22…and haven’t drunk alcohol since.

No slippery slope for me – not with alcohol or drugs, anyway.

But the truth is that slippery slopes get a bad rep. Because there’s a good kind of slippery slope – a great one even.

And it has to do with your HEALTH.

Your mental and physical health…but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick with your physical health for now.

Something happens when you start to treat your body right.

When I started taking Juice Plus, I was giving my body the building blocks it needed to heal itself. I started feeling more energetic.

And because I had more energy, I exercised more.

And because I was exercising more, I built muscle and increased my stamina. And that led me to feel better about my body…

Which meant I treated it better.

Which meant I was eating more fruits and vegetables, and less junk.

Getting all those fruits & vegetables in my body every morning also contributed to me having fewer cravings because my body was getting what it needed to do what it wanted to do – which was to be healthy and feel good.

So I lost weight. My skin cleared up because it was pushing less crap out of my body. My brain was better able to focus. Trips to the bathroom were more “productive” due to all the fiber I was now getting…

My bloodwork also improved dramatically. Blood sugars down. Bad Cholesterol down. Good cholesterol up.

Slippery Slope.

What would happen if you started a seemingly small health habit? What medical issue would clear up for you?

Juice Plus has had numerous studies done that you can read about. You can find those studies here by clicking on the “Clinical Research” tab. But the best study of all is the study on yourself. The study that tells you, “THIS is what one small healthy (daily) habit can do for me and my body.”

You can start by ordering Juice Plus capsules or chewables here. If you have kids 4-18, they get theirs FREE with your order.

Take them daily and start to notice the positive changes in your body and mind. I can guarantee that if you start to slip down that slippery slope…it’ll be well worth it.

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