What if I could make you feel good about yourself?

My wife’s been preparing for a big interview over the last few weeks. As part of the process, I’ve helped her in a variety of ways – reviewing her resume, giving her ideas for the presentation she’s prepared…

But most importantly, helping her understand what’s AMAZING about her.

My wife is one of the most empathetic people I know, and it’s quite obvious that she does what she does for the good of others. That this rather basic fact drives her and everything she does.

Just like anyone, she’s had plenty of “I’m not good enough” moments. We’ve had the “impostor syndrome” conversation, as well as other conversations where I’ve helped her understand how much she has to offer.

I tend to see things in a very positive light. I see the good in people, and most importantly, I see the possibilities in them.

But helping Donna see her strength – her driving force (empathy) led me on another path. One where I flailed around internally and thought, “so what the fuck is MY driving force? What is MY why?”

And I couldn’t help but think that if only I could figure this elusive thing out…I would have all the success I ever wanted.

Then I got to thinking about how I make people feel. A few weeks ago, a former employee of mine reached out to me out of the blue and told me she owes me her success. She sent me a recording of her making a proposal – one she won – for a new employment opportunity.

And as I listened, my first thought was, “I know nothing about this stuff she’s discussing. I don’t think I taught her ANY of this.”

And then I realized that it wasn’t the technical knowledge she was talking about. She was talking about how I made her feel. I made her feel capable (because obviously she was). And that feeling carried her through what she needed to do to reach her goals.

So in all my internal flailing about, I had an inkling of a thought – what if…

What if I could make people feel capable? Make them feel good about themselves? Give them the motivational/internal energy to do something amazing?

I thought about doing it in video format. Creating a “vlog” on YouTube. But the truth is, as much as I don’t mind doing videos (and I’ve done plenty in my time), I just don’t fucking feel like doing all the editing involved.

Then I considered offering “feel-good” calls with me. 15 minutes and you’re guaranteed to feel just a bit better about yourself…or your money back.

But I hate being on the phone. And anyway, I like writing way too much to put it aside in favor of any other media…

So there you have it. I’ve been waiting WEEKS to figure out what to use my blog for. I knew I wanted to write, but I didn’t know WHAT to write.

What to share. What to give. How to give of myself.

But now I know.

So here’s your first gift. It’s something that came to me several years ago while in the audience of a large marketing event, and it goes something like this:

At one point in your life, for some longer than others, there was a time when someone loved you unconditionally. It might have been the moment you came out to the world (the moment you were born). In the worst situations, it could have been a split-second of clarity your mother had as she was carrying you in-utero…

And for that one moment, whether it lasted a second or a lifetime…

Someone loved you unconditionally.

And that love is still out there.

No matter what happened after. No matter what mistakes were made (by you or by your caretakers).

It was there, and still is.

YOU are loved unconditionally.

And now, you have the opportunity to grab on to that unconditional love, and do with it what you wish.

So…how does being loved unconditionally make you feel today? Leave your comment below…

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