Emotional Eating Solution – Group Program

Do you want to stop emotional eating?

This group program is limited to 10 participants.

You qualify if:

  • you eat when you aren’t really hungry
  • you want to stop eating when you aren’t actually hungry
  • you’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked long-term
  • you’re willing to put in the time to learn how to stop eating emotionally
  • you’re willing to share some of your struggles in front of other people

You don’t have to be fat or thin.

It doesn’t matter what types of foods you eat, or don’t eat.

You don’t have to be any particular gender.

You won’t need any willpower.

You also won’t need to “diet” or give up any particular foods. What you want to eat, or not eat, will be completely up to you.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the reasons why you eat emotionally.
  • Have the skills to stop emotional eating urges in their tracks.
  • Know how to, in 20 minutes or less, permanently end your relationship with harmful food habits. 
  • Have already reduced your emotional eating urges considerably. In fact, you’ll have already had the experience of noteating emotionally, without having to use willpower, and you’ll understand at a deep level just how powerful this method really is.
  • Learned a set of skills that, if used consistently, will completely eliminate emotional eating from your life moving forward.

However…this program is NOT for you if:

  • You just want some “information” or to learn more, or you’re just trying to “figure things out.” This class is made for the person who is ready to finally stop emotional eating and will take the actions necessary to get there. It isn’t difficult; but it does take active participation.
  • You have bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, or any other eating disorder. These are best addressed in 1:1 sessions. 

Here are some of the requirements for participation:

  • You’ll need to participate actively. Taking this course for “informational purposes” will be a waste of everyone’s time. It will only work if you do the work. You can expect to spend around 20-30 minutes per day doing the assignments over the next 6 weeks.  
  • As this is a group course, you’ll be sharing some personal, and sometimes difficult things with other people. If you are not prepared to do that, you’d be better suited for private, 1:1 sessions. 

The course will include 4 basic phases:

Phase 1: Awareness (week 1)

In this phase, we’ll gather all the “data” you need in order to succeed. Your assignment this week will create a great deal of awareness for you. Some people find that their emotional eating decreases simply from the awareness they create this week!

Phase 2: Reactive skills (weeks 2&3)

Here, you’ll learn how to “decondition” emotional eating patterns and create new possibilities for yourself. These new possibilities will naturally come to you the next time you’re emotionally triggered. So the next time you feel anxious, for example, instead of reaching for a cookie, you’ll find yourself thinking of doing something else to handle the anxiety. 

Phase 3: Preventive skills (weeks 4&5)

In this phase, you’ll learn how to dissolve the strong emotions that have been triggering you to eat. This phase will create a great deal of freedom in your life. Participants experience not just reduced emotional eating, but improved relationships and increased feelings of well-being as well. 

Phase 4: Additional support (week 6 & beyond)

Here, I’ll provide additional training and support as needed. 

There will be no discussion of “diets” from my end. I’m not a dietician. It’ll be up to you to decide what’s a “good” food and what’s a “bad” food for you.

I’ll simply help you stop eating emotionally, without having to use willpower. 

The current price of the course is $750. I’ve kept it extremely low because I don’t want the price to get in the way of you participating if you truly need it.

Since I vet every person who joins, please reach out to me if you’d like to take part in the next group.